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Business Litigation

Our business consulting team provides experienced, adept legal counsel and representation. With nearly eighty years of combined experience in commercial advising and business law, we are able to find creative solutions for your business needs. We are small business owners ourselves. We understand the challenges of both large and small businesses. Let our legal team help meet those challenges.

No one knows your business better than you. With Stanton | Barton LLC, the focus is on the client, not the attorney. Any attorney can provide legal services. We can become your trusted partner who knows your business inside and out. When we know how you work, we can spend your valuable time working on solutions instead of explaining how you do business. We want to develop a long-term relationship in which our attorneys become an integral component of your success. We promise a superior level of service and envision becoming a valuable member of the team.

Stanton | Barton LLC tailors advice to your needs. Our goal is simple, to help you safely drive business growth and ultimately achieve the success you desire.

We have a broad array of experience from startups to winding up a successful company after a lucrative sale and everything in between. We can help you with:

Corporate formation, entity choice, operating agreements and corporate governance

Choosing the right business entity for any new venture is essential to your business future. Your choice of legal entity will affect your ability to protect personal assets from business obligations, create and determine who has decision-making authority, control how you allocate profits among owners and have tax consequences for the business and each of the individual owners. We will evaluate your business vision and your ownership and management structure to find the right model for you. We have extensive knowledge about sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies and various types of corporations.

Contract evaluation, contract management and contract systems analysis

We have vast experience drafting and reviewing contracts with suppliers, customers, employees, and many others. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Let us ensure that you are protected before problems arise. We can also improve your efficiency by working with you to implement a contract management system to streamline the contracting process. Contract management systems can free your business leaders to spend less time administrating and more time leading your company toward your goals.

Employment and human resource issues, including non-competition and trade secret compliance

Let us help you manage risk with your most valuable assets, your employees. We can advise you about gathering the information you need and choose the right employee without violating the law, provide advice on non-competition agreements, trade secret agreements and workers’ compensation issues and counsel you on handling employee terminations and lay-offs legally and fairly.

Regulatory compliance

Governmental regulations affect how your business performs, and most importantly, your bottom line. Let Stanton | Barton LLC help you navigate your regulatory minefield. We have extensive experience performing risk assessments, developing corporate policies, processes, training and monitoring company and employee behavior. We have particular expertise in HIPAA and OSHA compliance. Our company assessment plan can examine how your company measures up to regulations and best practices in your particular industry and we can help you set a course to improve your internal processes to avoid costly and time consuming problems down the road.

Mergers, acquisitions and asset purchases

Selling, merging or acquiring another business are transformational business deals for you. There is always a lot at stake. We have experience with multi-million dollar deals and Stanton | Barton LLC can guide you through the process to prevent the smallest of details from slipping through the cracks and causing a larger fissures down the road.

Real estate purchases, financing, commercial leasing and construction

Leasing, buying and selling commercial real estate is always the subject to intense negotiation. You need to investigate the transaction thoroughly before making a decision. Once you decide to move forward, you will need someone who knows both your transactional goals and what to do to help you achieve them. Our business attorneys have the experience to guide you through the process and the tenacity to maximize the value of the deal while minimizing the risk.

Commercial Litigation

Stanton | Barton LCC attorneys have represented some of the largest, most sophisticated corporations in the country and bring that experience to every case we handle. Our primary goal is to help you avoid time and money consuming litigation. However, sometimes the only option is to force the issue. We have the experience and the dogged determination to protect your rights in court.

Your Outside (in-house) General Counsel

At Stanton | Barton LLC, we realize that business owners need advice at all points in the life of the business. Often a primary impediment to businesses getting the advice they need is the way legal services are priced. We want the cost of our services to encourage our clients to seek our counsel. Hourly rate fees tend to result in just the opposite. Stanton | Barton LLC offers a wide range of general business advice and legal documentation for a fixed monthly fee. Another benefit of our subscription payment system is that we offer a discounted hourly rate for additional services, such as litigation, to our members.

We Promise and Deliver

Stanton | Barton LLC understands business. We learn yours inside and out to provide responsive, resourceful and efficient legal services and help you achieve your goals. Contact our firm at 314-456-6500 to schedule a consultation with our experienced business law team.

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