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Tort & Premises LIability

Over the course of our more than eight decades of combined litigation experience, Stanton | Barton LLC has defended tort and premises lawsuits throughout the country.  We represent premises owners and companies of all sizes, including companies involved in the manufacture of automobiles and heavy trucks, pharmaceutical products and medical devices, industrial and manufacturing equipment, and a variety of consumer products. We have also defended toxic tort lawsuits for consumer and chemical product manufacturers.

Though our clients cover a broad spectrum of industries, our attorneys have valuable practical, real-world and corporate in-house experience that contributes to our comprehensive understanding of our clients’ businesses and helps them to overcome obstacles and capitalize on new opportunities. Our work includes handling protective investigations after an accident, providing quick and early claim evaluations and management, and aggressively defending and trying cases to jury when necessary, all while taking into account our clients’ economic and reputational interests.

Protective Accident Investigations

Our clients know that, following a serious accident, it is extremely important to conduct a prompt and thorough investigation to evaluate possible claims and defenses. The attorneys and staff at Stanton | Barton LLC are available at any time, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, to quickly respond to accidents and conduct protective investigations of potential exposure. Our investigations include scene inspections, interviews of witnesses, and the retention of experts to gather and interpret key evidence and data. When our initial investigation is complete we offer clients a prompt and detailed evaluation of potential risk and recommendations for protecting against and managing possible claims, to include a realistic strategy for resolution, in most cases within days of our assignment.

Claim Management and Defending Lawsuits

Claims and lawsuits are almost inevitable after an accident. Armed with the benefit of evidence marshaled in the course of our protective investigation, our clients are well-prepared to defend claims and lawsuits from the very outset. When litigation is necessary, our attorneys draw from their experience trying cases to formulate and implement a strategy to prepare for trial and drive each case to the best possible resolution. We also have an extensive database of investigators and experts to assist in our defense strategy, helping us save our clients’ time and money.

We Promise and Deliver

Regardless of the size of the case, we firmly believe that it is our responsibility and privilege to earn our clients’ trust and confidence at every step of the way. To that end, we promise and deliver the most responsive, resourceful and efficient representation possible.

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